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The New Way to

At Just4You, we believe there is a more precise way to surprise somebody on their momentous day. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people to cherish the memories for lifelong.

/The Story/ (story)

The best things in life happen without a plan and so was how Jusst4You came into existence. It was simply a cozy winter night in the Boys’ hostel when these three guys were planning a surprise party for their friend. They wanted to go beyond the usual cake cutting and birthday bumps. While no idea came for the immediate party because the majority went with the traditional, yet, an idea was implanted, and a story started getting ready to take form.

From an in-house surprise birthday party to planning surprises for thousands of people, we have become quite a novella at that! Here is an insight into our family.

Our Vision

People around the globe will have a unique experiential memories / stories to relish/ talk about for generations.

Our Mission

J4U conceptualises & enables unique experiences & aims to become the No. 1 (in terms of revenue & ratings) unique experiences destination that caters individuals and corporates globally in the next 3 years

Himan Kulshrestha

Meet the Founder

/The Foreword/ (message from the founder)

Most of the services that do well are essentially the ones that are serving a need. It might be a latent need but the sense of fulfillment that procurement of such a service brings remains unparalleled. Something similar can be said to be true for Jusst4You as well. We have seen our friends and family being unsure about how to make their loved one feel special. While we understand the entire emotional angle to it, we also understand that how tough it becomes for most of us to express it in a tangible manner. At Jusst4You, we work towards solving this conundrum, we work towards giving a shape to the thought such that while your loved one feels special every single time, you don’t feel a burn on your pocket too!

Keep exploring, keep thinking and if you want something customised further- you know where to reach us!

 – Himan Kulshrestha


/The Stationery/ (core members)

You see, a story needs something to be written at and by. While we could have mentioned writers but that would have thrown you off track about what we do and you know that isn’t us! So, here is our core team, or say Jusst4You’s inner family!

Nishant Sharma

Nishant Sharma

Media Head

Hrdyansh Dev Gautam

Hrdyansh Dev Gautam

Operations Head

Shaista Siddiqui

Shaista Siddiqui

HR Manager

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