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Book a big giant panda to surprise your loved ones. The panda will give your loved one a big warm hug wrapped with your love and also gift a small teddy and chocolates and if you would like to add on flowers and cake everything can be arranged by us. Make your special one’s day amazing and memorable!

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  • Giant dancing panda
  • Performance: 10 to 15 minutes
  • A Bunch of Balloons
  • Background Music


Don’t you feel loved when you hug your teddy bear? Imagine how it would feel like to hug a real-life cute huge Panda. Book a big giant panda to surprise your loved ones and make them feel the real panda hug. Everyone needs to feel special, give your loved one a big warm hug wrapped with your love!! Give us the location and we will send you our Panda to that exact location with gifts as well, to give your loved one a surprise. Images are for representational purposes only. There could be a slight difference.

What is the size of the Panda? 5'5 ft

How many days prior we need to book this package? 4 days prior

1 review for Call Panda

  1. 5 out of 5

    I called panda for my kids because panda is a cutest and most friendly animal I never thought that this cute animal can also make our days special through its warm hug, chocolates etc. Loved this great idea.

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Cake (1/2 KG)

Cake is the best part of any occasion because every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet. For detailed information about Cakes click here

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Surprise your loved one with this odd timing surprise. In case of midnight surprise at 12AM, select the preceeding date and 11-12 slot.

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Personalized Card

Show your emotions to your loved ones by gifting this A5 sized foldable card having your personalized messages and pictures.

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