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If you haven’t yet experienced the 60-minute-adventure that’s taken the globe by storm, then you’re definitely losing out on the trendiest form of entertainment around. Combining teamwork and intellect with sheer fun, the best escape room game brings you the thrill of suspense and the skills to solve your room out of any puzzle. These games are great for a night out with friends, a date, a birthday celebration or a team-building activity.


60 minute game

Mentioned price is for the couple


If you enjoy strategy and mysterious games, or need a stress release from work, or if you are awaiting for an exciting way to observe your birthday or a peculiar function, then escape rooms are the best way to keep it. Lay down your cell phone, close your laptop, stay away from all the hustle-bustle noises and come ready for a filled adventure. Escapes rooms are an exciting new shape of live action entertainment. These hour-long locked room mysteries offer adventurers the chance to break codes, find clues, and solve puzzles with your friends, family and your partner. There are three games: Game 1: Egypt, the Pharaoh’s Curse Game 2: The Final Hour Game 3: The Killer Invention Image is for representational purpose. There could be a slight difference.


What is the time duration of this game? The time duation of the game is 60 minute.

How many games will be there? There will be three games of 60 minutes each, however you can select any one game at one time.

What is the location for the same? The location is Kamla Nagar.


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1/2 kg Cake

Cake is the best part of any occasion because every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet. For detailed information about Cakes click here

Additional person (Solve the Mystery)

If you want more fun then add and additional person into your game.

Price: ₹999

Floral Shower

Surprise your loved ones on his/her special day with flower shower experience! There’s nothing more romantic than flowers falling from the sky.

Price: ₹5700

Personalized video dedication

A personalized video of yours will be made and played before the game starts.

Price: ₹1200

Tunnel of balloons

Make your surprise even more special by adding this tunnel filled with balloons.

Price: ₹1500


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