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These Valentine’s Surprises will Blow up your mind. Find How!

Every Valentine’s week comes with the pressure to give the best of the valentine’s surprises to your loved ones. Ideally, it shouldn’t have been a competition, but that is what it has become- to show that what you do is the best.

Valentine’s season is about love, after all. So, why should you take unnecessary stress and either spend sleepless nights planning the perfect surprise or go for the usual gifts, just like every year?

At Just4you, We have your back with some of the choicest and most unique gifting ideas. Also, unlike every year, this year, we thought that it would be better to make the entire week the perfect week of love. And so, we planned exquisite gifts for each of the days of Valentine’s Week.

Needless to say, the options are plenty, and hence depending upon what you would want the week to be like, feel free to choose! For easy reference, we are laying out all the options day-wise, which, as per our understanding, would suit the occasion best!

So, here we go!

Rose day-7th Feb

Well, our suggestion would be to start the week on a more traditional note so that your better half gets into the mode that they do not expect a lot to happen. Because guess what, the good things that come out as a surprise are usually the best ever to happen. So, you can go for purchasing a bouquet of roses or orchids if you/your special one isn’t fond of roses or simply go for a bouquet of Ferrero Rochers. Oh, by the way, a bouquet of Red velvet doughnuts or cupcakes can be a good idea too!

Propose Day- 8th Feb

There isn’t every day that literally licenses you to spell out your feelings loud and clear without any inhibitions. Propose day is, however, that one day, which guarantees you such an opportunity. Now, you can keep it quiet and make it a personal moment, or you can make the entire world know about it. The choice is definitely yours, but the solutions, well at Just4you, we have them all- custom curated for your preference. So, you may go full-on Karan Johar style and give your loved one a surprise Message through a Masked Messenger or have a private romantic dinner complete with a personal guitarist. Imagine how a display of such emotions, randomly out of the blue while they are with their friends or going alone shopping would sound like. Alternatively, you may just send them a custom caricature with a beautiful love note attached!

Guess what, with either of these options, the answer is bound to be a Yes!

Chocolate Day- 9th Feb

Do they like Nutella or simply any chocolate? Guess what, you can have their name written over each of the chocolate or have their photos printed or inscribed on the box. Everyone loves a bar of good chocolate after all, and when it comes packed with personalization, it shows the kind of effort you have put in and dedication to doing something like that, well that shows how fond your love for them is!

Teddy Day- 10th Feb

Everyone likes a teddy, what everyone prefers though is a warm fuzzy panda hugging them tight and sweet and gifting them stuff. So, for this teddy day, do not just give your loved one a teddy. Gift them a Full life-sized Panda! If required, you can also make sure that your Panda, not just delivers the hug and sweetness and does a sweet panda dance but also gifts them chocolates, flowers, cakes, or any other gift that you would want!

Promise Day- 11th Feb

Well, show them that you promise a lifetime of togetherness and love by literally having the “Khabar in Akhbar” and going public with the announcement. And how do you do it? Well, have a custom magazine printed all for your loved one, complete with their photograph, and have a Radio Jockey announcing your love and promise of togetherness for them.

Kiss Day- 12th Feb

And again, let us go traditional. Of course, we know that there will be lots of hugs and kisses but tell them what each of the kisses means but giving them a 52 kiss card. It could be an explosion box or an explosion cage. A calligraphy kiss box is another option too, but have our word and go for the Kiss Box, and when you give it to them, seal it with a kiss yourself!

Hug Day- 13th Feb

Nothing beats a personal hug, and so, this day, you get yourself delivered and give the love of your life the nicest warmest hug ever. But, how would you get yourself all wrapped up and delivered- Well, leave that to us! However, if you are someone in a long-distance relationship and cannot be there, well, we have you covered then too! All you need to do is have a Warm Fuzzy life-size Panda deliver a sweet, warm, and cozy hug for you to your loved one. Plus, to make up for it, even more, you can have your gifts delivered through the panda too! While we can definitely not replace your personal presence on this day but we would definitely make it up enough for it!

The Final Day- Exclusive Valentine’s Surprises for 14th Feb

There has been a lot of customization, personalization, gifting, and all the other things involved. So, on this day, give them your time! Have a beautiful date night cabana set up for the two of you with your memories clipped on the wall in the background, and as you turn on the TV, have a personal news bulletin playing for you.

After that, just cozy up and savor the beautiful time that you have together!

These were just some of the ideas; we have many more if you are game for it. So, just drop in a call on +91 8459122919 or visit Jusst4you.com, and we will create a memorable week for the two of you! 

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