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7 affordable ways to say I love you

Love is a beautiful feeling but expressing it is a difficult task. For some, it might not be that difficult a task but for others, it might be a juggle to express their love for that someone special. Love has different forms and sometimes a mere saying of those three magical words does the work but at times it might require a special gesture to show how much you love them and what you feel about them. Love has a ton of crazy ways of expressing itself. One such way is to express your love by giving thoughtful gifts to your partner and express their love for them. And if the gifts and gestures are affordable it is even worth the time and effort that one takes to make that someone feel special.

Seven ways of expressing your love

And so, here we provide you with some unique yet affordable ways of saying those three magical words that your partner is yearning for.

  1. Handmade gifts- handmade gifts are one of the most affordable options when it comes to expressing your love. Gifts like a handmade scrapbook, explosion box, LED collage, messages in a box, or a personalized card are some of the budget-friendly options to say I love you. These gifts give a more personalized touch and feeling and are pocket friendly too.
  2. Personalized gifts- another affordable option to say I love you is by getting a personalized slideshow video with their pictures and a heartwarming message for them. This can be a great way to express your love and make them feel special.
  3. Poetry another great way is to get personalized poetry done or penning down your feelings for your special someone. This is a great way to say I love you and is romantic too.
  4. Pack yourself in a box how romantic it would be if your loved one sees you in front of them when the doorbell rings? Cute, right? You can get yourself packed in a beautiful box and deliver yourself to your loved ones and say those three magical words in front of them. Romantic enough, right?
  5. Flash mob proposal- you have finally decided to say those three magical words and want it to be nothing less than a pleasant surprise for them. You can plan a flash mob proposal where your partner is least expecting anything and out of nowhere, a group of guys comes with roses in their hands. And u are ready with I love you surprise. Heartwarming, isn’t it?
  6. Wheely miracle another great and unique way to surprise your loved ones is by planning a surprise in a car with the wheely miracle car decoration. How surprising it will be when they open the car and see those three magical words written there? Pleasant and romantic, I guess. This is a super affordable and romantic way of expressing your love.
  7. Mini rose in an acrylic box- gifting a symbol of love, a red rose in a beautiful acrylic box with a big I love you can make for a great way to express your love.


These are some of the best and affordable ways in which one can say I love you to their loved ones. And if you are confused as to how you can manage and arrange for these gifts, then Just4You can help you arrange all this for you and much more at very cost effective prices. Just4you has some amazing gifting idea options for all kinds of occasions and if the occasion is as special as your first “I love you” proposal, then just4you is your helping partner.

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