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14 Valentine’s Day dinner ideas

We Have Valentine’s Day dinner ideas – Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day for the love birds to express their love and feelings for each other. Though every day is a valentine’s if you are in love with someone this day marks for a special day for all the loved ones where they can express their love and relive those memories again. While all the couples plan for different surprises to lure their loved ones. There are couples who want to keep it cozy and make their day special by just you two being together and making the most of the day. A dinner date can be a perfect Valentine’s Day surprise for your special someone. While you might find a dinner date cliche and boring, there are great unique ideas that can make your dinner date special and break the monotony.

14 Valentine’s Day dinner ideas

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be looking for some unique and special surprises for your special someone. Let’s discuss some of the unique and out of the box dinner ideas that are sure to lure your love and fall head over heels in love with you all over again.

  1. Date beneath the sky– how about a romantic dinner beneath the open sky under the moonlight and stars? Romantic, isn’t it? A perfect candlelight dinner with light music and flowers is a breathtaking ambiance to make your day special and lively.
  2. Cabana by the lakeside– a date by the lakeside and a starry night make for a perfect date night this valentine. A private cabana decorated with your favorite flowers and food and fairy lights all around can be a great Valentines dinner surprise for your lover. A sight to behold for sure.
  3. Cupids romantic date– a surreal candlelight date with mesmerizing decor and light music is what dreams are made of. You can also plan a classic candlelight dinner for your partner with the decor of their choice and express your love for them.
  4. Dine N watch– a unique and beautiful setup to lure your partner. Surprise your partner with a lovely candlelight dinner and a movie screening at a romantic venue. You can watch your favorite movie on the big screen with the most sumptuous food. This will make for a perfect combination.
  5. The date night at your place– ditch those old and cliché date nights and instead opt for a cabana date at your home with lovely decor and candlelight date setup. Just you both and the beautiful arrangement. How romantic? Isn’t it?
  6. Garden of cinema– plan a date which your loved ones remember for a lifetime. A personal setup in a garden with breathtaking decor and a movie set up under the stars is sure to make them fall in love with you all over again. This will make your night extraordinary and worth remembering.
  7. Vineyard Forest date- sounds impressive, right? This can be an experience of a lifetime. Plan a date at a grape vineyard with a private table for you two. The fresh fragrance of grapes and a beautiful outdoor setting with candles and fairy lights are a sight to behold.
  8. Musical date night– this one is for a music lover out there. Music that is pleasing to the ears and a candlelight table can set the mood for a relaxing evening for your date.
  9. Rafty dinner date– how romantic and serene can be a candlelight dinner date on a raft with water all around? Romantic enough for sure. Dinner on a raft with background music and floral arrangements along with a soothing breeze can make for a perfect valentine’s day dinner date.
  10. The date on the wings– now this is something out-of-the-box and is sure to earn you those brownie points. Plan a fancy and lavish 6-course meal on the wings of a giant airbus and let your partner feel the proximity to the clouds. This is a perfect dinner date idea for an occasion as special as Valentine’s.
  11. Royal dinner date– make your partner feel like a princess this valentine by planning a candlelight dinner date at a private regal farmhouse in each other’s company. This will be perfect for a royal dinner vibe.
  12. The gloomy Greenville– Relish 3 courses of off-beat, absolutely healthy, and delightful food from North Indian delicacies. Upscale decorations of tea-lights, rose petals, and balloons, combined with the traditionally set venue, make your experience richer and give the most chilling vibe.
  13. The terrace date night– a rooftop date with stars all around is a perfect setup to impress your partner this valentine. Beautiful decor with heavenly tasted food is an ideal win to allure your partner.
  14. Cinderella cage dinner date– which women don’t like a fairy tale life? Most of them. All of them. Surprise your girl with dinner in a beautiful Cinderella cage so that she can live her own fairy tale story. This can be a unique experience for your partner, and you might even get lucky by hearing those three magical words this valentine.


With Valentine ’s Day making rounds, you must be looking for some super cool and unique ideas to impress and express your love for your partner. And a dinner date is inevitable, but why not give this a twist and plan a dinner date in new and exciting ways this valentine. And jusst4you is your perfect companion to help you go about planning the best dinner date for your partner. You can find many dinner date ideas that are romantic and sure to evoke those feelings that your partner has been shying to tell. So, go ahead to visit jusst4you to make your Valentine’s day unique and memorable.

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