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Sensory Deprivation Tank – 90mins

Massage is usually the go-to activity for couples when it comes to relaxing together. This is closely followed by adventure activities which do take out your mind off the routine things. Travelling is also an activity on the list but not many couples get enough time to travel, no matter how strong the wanderlust be. While the motive of all these activities is to relax, one usually returns tired after it.

  • Sensory Deprivation Tank - 90mins


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      Sensory Deprivation Tank - 90mins


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      90 minutes session
      Contactless floatation salt therapy
      Complete mind-body recalibration
      Price for a couple


      A couple’s massage may be a different ball-game but if not done right, it may leave you with sore muscles for at least the next two to three days! The activity is essentially dependent on the skill of the masseuse after all and you simply cannot blame anyone for that.

      However, imagine the calm of a womb- so much that you feel like you are in a void and there is nothing that you can see or hear. You are simply floating in the water. The calm is so much that it is impossible for you to not fall asleep- completely uninterrupted. Now, does that seem like something relaxing?

      Well, Float therapy or Sensory deprivation tank therapy is just that. Plus, it is a scientific therapy with proven benefits so it is your science meets mindfulness and you can imagine the kind of relaxation that it would provide. 

      The float therapy involves a zero-gravity sensory deprivation tank which essentially is filled with copious amounts of saltwater. The salt content in the water is what keeps you afloat. For an authentic experience, you will float in 850 kgs of Epsom Salt mixed with 1000 litres of water, with your senses deprived with no light, sound or any form of distraction, your body becomes weightless and your mind enters a deeply relaxed state.

      Once you have done this, you will get a feeling as if you have been born again- we don’t say that, our clients do!

      So, the next time you consider giving a meaningful gift to your partner and want to truly relax with them, you know what to do!

      PS: If you are suffering from any kind of kidney disorder or epilepsy- please avoid this!

      PPS: Couples can unwind by floating together, hand in hand, and thus re-bonding with each other.


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