Girlfriend’s birthday near? Planning to give something really special and unique this time? Here we are to help you out with our wonderful ideas to make your girlfriend very happy on her birthday. Follow this list of 15 Gift Ideas to Give Your Girlfriend to Win Her Heart in a moment.

  1. Scrapbook: This can make your girlfriend really happy. Right from the start of your relation to the present date collect all photos and make a scrapbook, with a photo on one side and a note on the other side, on alternative pages.
  2. Hand-written letter: In the generation of WhatsApp and the mails, the importance of a hand-written letter has not lost its value. Write a proper hand-written letter with every memory about it, everything that you have been wanting to say jot down each detail in it. Nothing can be more special than this gift.
  3. Wish bottle: In a glass bottle, on small papers write down your wishes regarding the relationship or your girlfriend and gift the bottle to your girlfriend.
  4. Pendant: Gift her a special pendant resembling something unique, maybe some symbol related to both of you or with your photo in it.
  5. Video clip: Make a small video or mini clips combined together, including all your memories and play it on your girlfriend birthday.
  6. Candlelight dinner: Pick a nice hotel, and organize a perfect candlelight dinner, with her favourite dishes and a bottle of wine.
  7. All-for-her-day: Plan the day only for her filled with her favourite things, it can be a spa or skating or karaoke or cooking.
  8. Balloons: This is something that always makes a girl happy. Fill the room with lots and lots of balloons and hang love messages to the end of ribbons, on the birthday night. Keep the lights off, put on some candles and keep a large birthday cake.
  9. Crazy adventure: Go for something fun and adventurous on your girlfriend’s birthday. Trekking or diving or anything scary and fun.
  10. Personalized gifts: Order some personalized gift, like a personalized cushion, cake, clock, photo frame.
  11. Love bracelet: Gift her a beautiful bracelet with a special note on it, with the initials of both your names.
  12. T-shirt: A personalized cool T-shirt with both your photos can be a really sweet gift.
  13. Party: Organize a surprise party on your girlfriend’s birthday at a very special and unique place inviting all her close friends and family.
  14. Holiday ticket: This can be a very special way to spend your girlfriend’s birthday. Plan a surprise trip without her knowledge, and gift the tickets for her birthday.
  15. Proposal: If your relationship has gone to that level, then this can be the best gift ever.

Hope you can make you your girlfriend’s birthday special!

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