Winter is a chilling season, and we want you to chill all along the season! Well, for a few of you winter means staying at home inside a quilt sipping your favorite adraq tea, and watching Netflix or working maybe. While for some, it’s an opportunity to go out enjoy the sun, keep the body warm and challenge that dropping adrenaline. If it’s the latter category that you fall in, this blog, my friends, is for you!

stay active in winters

1. Private Yacht Candlelight

Fancy, eh? Well yeah, no regular options will be served in this blog. Just like a Karan Johar movie, you and your partner will be the main lead showcasing all those Bollywood vibes that you have dreamt of, since your childhood. Play the tune you wanna dance on and live the once-in-a-lifetime moment. Address yourselves with the most delicious food without worrying about those extra calories!
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2. Couple Photo Shoot

Mobile phone cameras can’t beat a DSLR irrespective of the megapixels. Similarly, no matter how good you are at taking pictures of your bae, you can’t take a great picture of both of you just by yourself. We present you the couple photoshoot package that includes photography at 4 different locations by our professional. It’s time for you to make and save memories at the same time J
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3. Long Drive Date

Been dreaming of a long drive with your partner in a luxury car? We’ve got it sorted for you. Audi, Mercedes, BMW and more range of high-class cars, can give you the kind of experience you have been wanting forever. Choose from our world-class collection and drive in style with your go-to person. Book early to get the car of your choice and make those unforgettable memories for life!

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4. Helicopter Joy Ride

Enough with the ground and water, it’s time to go high (Not that high). Seeing drone shots in movies or YouTube is fascinating but living that is completely different and mesmerizing. 30 minute ride watching the city from 1000 ft. above the ground makes it worth trying. Take your loved ones to experience a breathtaking view of the city.
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Pick your adrenaline booster and call us now to plan it. Let us know which one is your favorite.
Still couldn’t find the best for you, ping us anywhere, anytime.

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