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Santa’s Annual Checklist To Tune Up The Sleigh

As Christmas is arriving around the corner, everyone is getting set in the holiday mood. But with the work hustle, we all might not be able to enjoy the true quiver of Christmas as we did as kids. Wouldn’t it be nice to religiously believe in Santa and his gifts all over again? Well, Santa might not be real but your love is, and just4you is right here at your service, bringing you a perfect surprise Christmas checklist to be the very own Santa for your loved ones.

1. Candlelight date under the tree

We obviously had to go first with the classic romantic candlelight date which you can never go wrong with. But What’s better than a candlelight dinner? A Candlelight Dinner Under The Tree is covered with fairy lights that hang above your heads brightening your blushy faces, fading everything else in the background. Sounds like a Fairytale, doesn’t it?

2. Deliver yourself

Deliver yourself - Jusst4you

This one’s for all the long-distance couples out there who have only been seeing each other through those screens. We have a perfect surprise gift this Christmas for your partner that’ll make them want to jump right into your arms.
If you have not taken the hint yet, let us give you a minor gist of what’s going to happen! We are going to help you wrap yourself in a huge beautiful gift package that your partner will never be able to guess the contents of.

3. Christmas decor at your desired place

Christmas decor - Jusst4you

If your partner is someone who enjoys reminiscing in the aesthetic vibes, Christmas is the perfect day for you to surprise them with a beautiful setup all to themselves. Sometimes home dates are much more valuable than the fancy ones, so why not get into that love zone at your own house!

4. Violinist at your doorstep

Violinist - Jusst4you

Christmas is that one occasion where we showcase our love for each other more than ever. And isn’t music the best way to express your love? How happy will you be to find a violinist at your door, playing and singing just for you! The best way to reside inside someone’s heart is definitely music, especially when it is sung in that melodious voice for you!

5. Movie delight

Movie delight - Jusst4you

We are well versed about the fact that you might not be able to get a leave from your work just to organise something special. But hey! Sometimes it’s just the small gestures like helping your partner with the dishes after dinner; folding those clothes even when you don’t know how to!
So how about a date organised for you at night time! A decor for you and your partner, watching that romantic movie together; which you both love along with your favorite munchies! Isn’t that the most comfortable date ever?

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