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Top Bohemian Cabanas which are Most Trending

As restaurants around the world began to reopen after the lockdown, they had to devise ways to ensure the wellbeing of their customers during the global pandemic. Restaurants have taken steps to make dining out a healthy experience, such as focusing on al fresco dining and adding plastic shields around tables to prevent the virus from spreading. To draw customers, several restaurants are adopting new seating plans, introducing concepts such as party pods or private cabins, and also offering exclusive deals on dining in or also for cabana room decorations. While candlelight dinner or dinner by the lakeside is always going to be a favorite among people but how about adding a twist to it by setting it up under a bohemian cabana. This is something new and unique and, at the same time, safe and romantic in such challenging times. We provide you with some cabana options that you can look out for so that you can have a pleasant dining experience along with safety.

Top bohemian cabana that are romantic yet safe in corona

1. Cabana on the beach-

Sometimes romance just has to be stimulated, and we’ve planned the ideal dinner date for you. The atmosphere of the venue will ensure that you and your partner have a long, satisfying meal while having a lovely conversation about life, love, the world, and beyond. The decor is elegant, the seating is varied, and the menu options – both food and drinks – are plentiful. It is one of the most relaxing places in town, with excellent service. The artistically presented food and courteous service will make you fall in love with the experience. In just a few taps, you can add a touch of love to your special someone’s day by ordering a cake, a flower bouquet, or a private guitarist. This cabana on the beach option with a private cabana dining setup will be an excellent idea to remain safe and enjoy the candlelight dinner with your loved ones.

2. The den cabana-

Making memories that will last a lifetime! Keep your love and memories close to your heart at all times. Feel enamored with the natural beauty of the lakeshore. Surprise your partner with a Luxury Date they’ll never forget. Allow for a rare and romantic moment, and engage in a profoundly intense connection with your loved one. There will be a Cabana reserved, which will be ideal for a romantic meal for two. A beautiful date with your loved one that you will value your whole life as well as the romantic environment.

3. Cabana on Roof-

Rooftop cabana candle light dinner - Jusst4you

If you’re looking for a unique place to take your partner for his or her birthday or anniversary amidst the coronavirus, this is the ideal gift to send to your partner. Bring your significant other to this lovely and spacious private cabana with light decor and flowers. Enjoy a special evening at Radisson Blu, one of Delhi’s most beautiful hotels, with a 4-course candlelight dinner in a cabana set-up for just the two of you. This would undoubtedly make an excellent romantic getaway.

4. Cabana date at your place-

cabana at your place - Jusst4you

On your loved one’s special day, skip the cliched date nights and do something like this instead. Experience the beauty of a cabana at your home, complete with lovely decor and a candlelight date. Surprise them with this one-of-a-kind date while enjoying total privacy and creating memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to spend some romantic moments with your special someone at your home while also doing something special and staying safe amidst the pandemic,  a Cabana date at your home is a great option.

5. Swing cabana candlelight-

Candlelight dinner in a posh locality fully decorated with fairy lights, LED props, lanterns, cages, lamps, tealight candles, and, of course, a private butler on a private terrace reserved for you. Doesn’t that sound sensual? It does, indeed. Just the two of you and a beautifully done cabana setup is a perfect combination to drool for a while, keeping yourself safe at the same time.

6. Cabana tent in a garden-

A completely surreal feeling to impress your loved ones. Capture the atmosphere of a romantic film with snacks provided by a private butler in a private bohemian cabana with just the two of you as viewers. Start the experience off right by lining the path to the setting with scented candles and flower petals, both of which are well known for their love-sparking properties. Plan this big surprise for that movie-obsessed, film-obsessed special friend.

7. Romantic stay with Cabana decoration-

bohemian cabana

Every special day, such as a birthday or an anniversary, is a day of love, a day when couples exchange presents and spend quality time together. You can make this day even more special by booking this private cabana decor stay. Why give cliche presents to your loved ones when you can give them beautiful memories? This experience will captivate your loved ones and make them feel at the pinnacle! There will be an immersive atmosphere with candles, flower petals for decoration, and much more!


These not-so-boring yet safe dining ideas are the new normal, as you would say in times of Corona. While you enjoy a romantic dinner night with your loved ones, you can be stress-free and feel safe with these bohemian cabana set up, which is explicitly made for few people. 

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