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You Should Never Take Your Relationship For Granted. Here’s why!

In this world, everything changes, nothing is constant. The first big change that you will come across is getting committed to someone, thus giving up your single life. After you get into a relationship you will again experience a lot of changes. Change is inevitable and so are the changes in a relationship. One thing that must never change are your feelings and emotions, and your ability to cherish each other’s life and choices.

  • In a romantic relationship where two people are involved, keep in mind that there are two people and not just one, there every decision you take every action you do is always about both of you and not just yourself. Have you ever experienced moments when you were taken for granted by friends or acquaintances? You definitely must have felt bad. Then imagine how bad you will feel if the person who is taking you for granted is the one that you love the most. No matter how much you say “I Love You “to your lover, it will not be effective until and unless you make the other person feel it.

  • It is not about expensive gifts, it is about showing interest, it is about giving quality time. It is about the small things you do, like maybe giving a hug before your partner is leaving for work, or giving a goodnight kiss. It is about showing concern, like asking her how was her day will definitely make her feel that you are interested to know about her.

  • Make each other feel important is required to boost the morale and make your partner feel good. Remember, relationships are living thing. Imagine a plant, to grow it into a tree you need to put effort daily, you need to put water and take proper care of the sapling so that it grows into a beautiful plant. Relationships are also the same. Effort needs to be given daily to grow your relationship and to make it matured. Even after you feel it has grown you still need to keep putting effort daily, or else it will dry just like a plant.

  • So if you start reading each other for granted, it will harbor negative feelings and clear you feel neglected, which shall gradually crumble your relationship. Throw the misconception out of your mind that “Nothing can ever ruin this relationship”, or “I have already impressed her, she will not go anywhere now“, these are the roots of taking relationships for granted. Nothing is constant, everything can break can change, it is your duty to put efforts to keep things beautiful.

  • Things might change, but if you keep your efforts constant you will never regret a thing. No matter how beautiful a relationship looks from outside, if you keep neglecting it, it is bound to end someday.

Thus, take care of each other, give time to each other, make the other person feel special and important, and keep your relationships healthy.

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