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Why Should You Choose Them and Why Not?

Some people say that the best gifts come from the heart, not the store, while others would rather just take cash and be on their way. The world wouldn’t be so colorful if all the people were the same. Modern times have definitely brought a lot of good things into our lives, one of them is ‘Gift-cards’. However, some people feel more connected towards their loved ones when they receive a personalized gift. But where does that leave you when you want to give someone a gift and just can’t decide? 

As a *gift to you to help you decide, we have listed some of the Pros and Cons of Gift-cards and Personalized gifts.



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  • They are versatile: These days, you can give a gift card to people for literally anything. Gift cards are all-rounders when it comes to occasions. Be it weddings, birthdays. Anniversaries, baby showers, promotions, or just a tough Monday. (We all need them. Believe it or not.)  
  • People can pick whatever they want: In gift cards, you just have to choose the store for which the card is. You won’t even have to do that if you just pick a gift card from Amazon since it has practically everything.  
  • They come with many offers: Gift cards often come with recharge offers or cashback rewards and bonuses that your loved ones receive while they shop.  
  • They are convenient: Gift cards can be sent from any place and time to anywhere. You won’t have to wait for the package to reach on time, or get damaged on the way. You’ll definitely, won’t have to worry about keeping them safe until you get to your loved ones.  


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  • They kill the ‘surprise element’: There is no anticipation on people’s faces when they see a gift card. It’ll make them happy, but it won’t make them think as they receive it.  
  • A bit less attractive: It’s not anybody’s fault that gift cards are 2 inches tall and weigh 10 grams. Ofcourse, their value is 100 times more than that, but you have to admit, they don’t look that good.  
  • Not suitable for the elderly: Kudos to you if you have tech-savvy grandparents. But most people don’t. Not everyone can give their grandparents a gift card and expect to see a smile on their faces instead of horrors and confusion redeeming it. It’s sad but it’s true 
  • Budget restricted: The wonders of gift cards are not unlimited. Your loved ones might feel financially restricted while using your card.  



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  • More traditional: The culture of giving gifts exists everywhere on the planet. Even the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the USA from France. In India, our cultural practices often regard gifts as ‘Shubh’ or holy for occasions. 
  • They are emotional: When you use something that has been gifted to you by your loved one, you instantly think of them and it puts a smile on your face. Personalized gifts make an emotional connection between two people and leave an impression on your heart.  
  • The anticipation: Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t stop looking at the pile of gifts your friends brought for you at your birthday party? The anticipation of what’s in the box is the same throughout your lifetime. Personalized gifts come with suspense and excitement. 
  • They are unique: Personalized gifts sometimes can be inscribed when personal messages and thoughts. Reading them makes you feel warm and secure in your heart. They’re even better when they are handmade because it shows the devotion of a person to you.  

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  • They are time-consuming: The worst gifts are the last-minute gifts that you buy in urgency and guilt (*yikes). But it’s also true that sometimes you are just short on time. You need to pre-plan what you’re about to gift someone or it won’t be as good.  
  • Thoughtfulness: You need to know someone really well to gift them something they need or like. More often than not, these gifts just end up sitting on the show-case or in a drawer, or worse, – REGIFTED (*Cringe) 
  • Can’t return them: Personalized gifts are permanent. Hate ‘em, like ‘em, you’ll have to keep them anyway.  
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