Cheat Prank

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Cheating is the deadliest crime when it comes to relationships. But what fun it would be to make your partner go furious over your ‘alleged’ girlfriend/boyfriend only to find out that it was all a prank? Try our Cheat Prank and witness the crazy drive.


Actor/Actress to perform the prank

Customized Greeting Card as a Marriage Proof

5 minutes duration of prank

Prank marriage certificate and message screenshots

1/2 kg Chocolate Truffle Cake


– Pranking with your partner is the new age practice of relationships.
 Confused! Shocked! Furious and then Surprised! Your partner will go through a mix of all these emotions in just a few minutes.
– Surprise your partner like never before because what is life without a little teasing and some absurdity?


Only available in Delhi NCR.

The script will be discussed with you beforehand.

The prank cannot be executed without your presence.

The cheat prank can only be planned for your partner and not for friends or family.

This prank is not available for Odd timings (10 pm to 8 am).

If the person gets offended or violent then the prank will be stopped by the team right there.

It can be performed at your house or your choice of place; you have to take permission from the concerned person by yourself.

This prank is just for entertainment and surprise purpose, the guest will be liable if anything goes wrong.

Please call/chat or email to check availability before booking.

Images are for representational purposes only, there may or may not be slight variations in the actual experience.

Address: At your provided address.


Who all will be there?
If you are planning this for your wife/girlfriend, then a female actor will come along with her ‘Bhai’ and play like your ex or your present girlfriend and vice versa.

Where will it take place?
Your house is preferable or any other place with less public around (to avoid the social issue), permission for the property to be taken by the client for the same.

What if the person gets offended?
If the person gets offended and violent, then the prank will be stopped by the team right off without any notice.

What is the cancellation policy and process if I have to cancel this after booking?
Please check the cancellation policy here.


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1/2 kg Cake

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