Customized News Bulletin


Ever thought about giving your partner something that they could never imagine? Or something that nearly looks unbelieveable?Well we have got your back. Make a full customized news bulletin and play that on your TV just like any other normal news. Shock them and show how much you care about them.


Actor/Actress to host the News Bulletin 

10 to 12 Pictures

2.5 to 3 minutes video

Sample link of the surprise –


– A normal day at home, sitting in the living room, have food and talking to each other.
 Suddenly news flashes on the screen of your TV that your partner has been accused of stealing your heart and everyone are just sitting there with their dropped jaws and widened eyes.
 Your pictures and videos all over the TV screen and your beloved in a great wow.
 It sounds like an impossible task right? Not anymore, we can make it happen for you.
 Book our news bulletin and get their best expression of impossible.


Content and photos for the news bulletin will be required from the client’s end.

The client can choose the show to be in Hindi, English or both languages.

The news will be shot by professional artists and edited to create an authentic news bulletin. Here’s a sample link of the surprise –

Please call/chat or email to check availability before booking.

Images are for representational purposes only, there may or may not be slight variations in the actual experience. 

Address: At your provided E-mail address.


How many days prior do I need to book this surprise?
You need to book this surprise minimum 5 days prior to the execution.

Can I increase the time limit?        
Yes, you can increase the time limit but additional charges will follow.

How many pictures and videos will be displayed?
Approximately 10-12 pictures will be used in the video.

What is the cancellation policy and process if I have to cancel this after booking?
Please check the cancellation policy here.


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